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Finest Alterations on all Leather, Suede & Shearlings

from New York's most trusted restoration experts

Craftsmanship in the "Old World Style" distinguishes Superior Leather Restorers. When a leather briefcase, suitcase, or virtually anything that has been made of leather has been neglected, the craftsmen at Superior Leather can resurrect it to its former glory. A family owned business; Superior Leather has been bringing joy to the hearts of those that thought their cherished leather items would never be utilized again.

Superior Leather's reputation has no rival. In business for over 50 years, the Rosen's are highly trained and acclaimed leather restorers. Find out more about our reputation.

What we do

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Leather Coats and Jackets

  • Special healing process on all leather and suede items (tears and cuts).
  • Expert alterations on all leather garments

Handbags, Attachés, Briefcases, & Luggage

  • Repair and replace handles, bindings, linings, zippers, locks, handles, wheels, corners, and broken frames.
  • Clean, Condition, & Refinish.

Leather Furniture

  • Total reconstruction of Leather Chairs
  • Refinish and condition
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Broke Harris

As Sylvia's mother said: she was thrilled beyond words when she saw the amazing job that had been done to restore Grandmother's old trunk.

Bring us Uncle Max's old bomber jacket from World War II neglected
for 50 years, and we'll make it 1945 all over again.

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We offer FREE estimates in person; we cannot give an estimate over the phone as all materials are different on each item.

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All work done on premises

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